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A picture slideshow with music is a creative and an extremely convenient way of watching and sharing photographs. The probable reason is the fact that such a slideshow is somewhat like a movie - a complete piece of art. The spectators watch it breathless, and no comments are needed, though there can be quite a lively discussion afterwards. Slideshows can become the high point of any event, whether it is just a family dinner or a tea party, a big anniversary or wedding celebration, or even a corporate event.

If you have ever seen a professionally designed photo slideshow, you must have been surprised at what can be done with a pile of ordinary pictures. Do you think that it's quite complicated and time-consuming? Not at all as long as you have the right tool. A picture slideshow generator allows you to prepare a spectacular photo slideshow in minutes. Even a non-advanced computer user will easily master this art with the friendly and intuitive interface of Photo Slideshow Creator, whereas more experienced photography and design lovers will appreciate the variety of themes and slide transitions, as well as the slide editing options. Let's point out the features that make the picture slideshow generator from AMS Software a good choice for users of any level.

Photo Slideshow Creator interface

  • Use an unlimited number of photographs in your project. For example, you can add all your vacation pictures with one mouse click. To do that, browse the folders of your computer in the left pane of the program, select the folder you need, and click the Add all photos icon (the one with the plus sign). After that, you can easily swap the places of the pictures, or add more by dragging and dropping them into the desired place.

  • Enhance your slideshow with spectacular transitions. When you have added the photos, the picture slideshow generator inserts various transitions between each pair of slides automatically. However, you may customize them. If you prefer minimalist design, open the Transitions tab, browse the rich collection, select one transition that best suits your project, and click Apply to all. This is usually the best choice for business presentations, when you want a stricter style. Another option is setting a special transition to highlight certain slides. To do that, you just need to drag and drop the desired transition from the library to the transition symbol between the slides.

  • Control the timing. Under the large window with the current slide you will find the time display, showing you the total slideshow duration (on the right) and how far you are at this particular point (on the left). To adjust the timing, you can change the slide display time - it is shown in the bottom left corner of the main window. It is also possible to change the transition duration - right-click on the transition symbol between the slides to do that.

  • Add any number of soundtracks. The picture stream synchronized with the music that appeals to your audience will leave no-one indifferent. You don't have to worry about adjusting the soundtrack duration to the number of slides - in the Music Options, you can click Music Synchronization, and the slides display time will be set automatically to match the duration of the song. There are also more advanced options like fade-in and fade-out available.

Picture Slideshow - Tropical Vacation

Once you are happy with your project, click the Create tab and decide which way you would like to share it with your friends or family. The picture slideshow generator offers numerous ways. Some popular ones are described here: Burn Photos to DVD, Make a Slideshow for Facebook with Music, Slideshow For Mobile Phone. You can even install a slideshow screensaver on your computer!

Try Photo Slideshow Creator and appreciate the variety of features that serve your creative needs!

Photo Slideshow Creator is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, XP. Your shopping safety is guaranteed.

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